What are the illegal operations of distribution boxes?

2019-03-19 304

In fact, as a distribution box manufacturer, we have found that many electricians and operators operate the distribution cabinet irregularly. In order to avoid any problems and ensure our safety, I will follow our wind direction to find out what the improper operating rules are!

The main irregularities are as follows:

When the distribution cabinet and the machine coordination center are in normal operation, the relevant personnel will switch the trigger plate. This is fatal, very simple short circuit may show a reduction in the life of distribution cabinets.

2. When a power outage occurs in the distribution cabinet, the engine load will not be blocked immediately, which will also present a problem, often many operators lack this knowledge.

3. We suggest that the distribution cabinet should be inspected once a month and cleaned and protected regularly when inspecting, so as to ensure the normal operation of the distribution cabinet.

4. Distribution cabinets are placed on the non-insulated ground and inside the panel houses, many of which are made of iron. Do you want to know what the results are?

5. Distribution cabinet encountered wet problems, do not go to the water, this is related to the number of distribution cabinet life.

The above five points are the improper rules of distribution cabinet. It is necessary for us to treat them severely.