What are the installation methods of distribution boxes?

2019-03-19 314

Distribution box should avoid direct sunshine, splashing, moisture and excessive operation space ahead. Should be on time to clean the cabinet device, check the terminal, check the switches, contactors are outstanding, whether there is overheating phenomenon inside, should be on time to check the sealing function of distribution cabinet, to avoid small animals into or condensation inside. For areas with high humidity, damp driers and dryers should also be equipped. It is necessary to check whether the orientation of the device is firm and not to sway obliquely.

1. Device requirements

1) The appearance inspection of cabinet (dish) body shall be without damage and distortion, and the paint shall be intact and non-destructive. Inspection inside cabinet (disc): Electrical equipment and components, insulating porcelain pieces are complete, no damage, cracks and other shortcomings.

2) Before the installation, check whether the number of distribution box is in accordance with the orientation of the device, and check the box number and the circuit number in the box according to the plan drawing. Soft copper braided wire and special terminal shall be used for grounding of box door. The cabinet wiring should be regular and meet the planning requirements and acceptance criteria (GB50303-2002).

2. Working Conditions

The civil construction of the distribution box installation site should have the basic conditions of finished internal painting and installed doors and windows. Pre-buried pipelines and buried parts should be cleaned up; the place has transport conditions, to keep the road smooth and dredged.

3. Distribution box positioning: According to the planning requirements, the location of distribution box and the status of field practical devices are determined on the spot, and the bullet line positioning is carried out according to the shape and size of the box.